Directorates Directorates

Agricultural Development Sector

  1. Agricultural Extension Director General
    1. Crop Development Directorate
    2. Small Holder Horticulture Development Directorate  
    3. Extension Communication Directorate
    4. Agricultural Mechanization Directorate
    5. Training and Advisory Service Directorate  
    6. Agricultural TVET Coordination  
    7. Regions of Special Support Coordinating Directorate
    8. Agricultural Input Marketing Directorate
    9. Regions of Special Support Team
  2. Plant Health Regulatory Director General  
    1. Plant Protection Directorate Director  
    2. Plant Validity Release, Protection and Seed Quality Control Directorate
    3. Plant Health and Product Quality Control Directorate

Natural Resources Sector

  1. Natural Resources Management Directorate
  2. Soil Fertility Improvement Directorate          
  3. Soil Resource Information and Mapping Directorate
  4. Small Scale Irrigation Development Expansion Directorate
  5. Rural Land Administration and Use Directorate
  6. National Soil Laboratory  

Rural Job Opportunity Creation and Food Security Sector

  1. Food  Security Coordination Directorate
  2. Rural Job Opportunity Creation Directorate
  3. Commodity Management, Logistics and Finance Directorate  

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