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Ethio-China cooperation on ATVET colleges’ empowerment

Ethio-China cooperation on ATVET colleges’ empowerment


According to evidence, China and Ethiopia signed the bilateral Agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on the dispatch of Chinese instructors to the Ethiopian Agricultural Technology Vocational Education and Training Program in 2001.

Since that time, Chinese government has sent Chinese instructors each year to Ethiopia for training local instructors, which opened the cooperation between China and Ethiopia in field of Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ATVET) colleges, who are mainly working on producing DAs those who could serve farmers and pastoralists very closely.


Chinese instructors have been giving training for the Ethiopian ones, farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs regarding to agricultural technology and extension systems.

As a matter of strong bilateral relationship, China has been supporting Ethiopian agriculture in different aspects to realize the long-term strategy of “Agriculture led industrialization”. 

The secret of china’s radical growth and development is industriousness, commitment and practical training. In fact, Chinese have not slept overnight like Ethiopians. Due to this, china stands the second huge economic country globally. Her growth was highly started and reflected on mechanizing agriculture in a sustainable way.

Chinese instructors not only upload agricultural knowledge and technology in the classroom, but also train how to demonstrate sites and write textbooks, compiling educational materials how to make experiment, and how to engage in scientific research.

Consequently, Chinese government has prepared different textbooks for teaching trainees (development agents) who will support Ethiopian agriculture to be mechanized.

The prepared books are regarding to cotton and livestock developments have been introduced to some stakeholders’ event last Thursday at Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) here in Addis.

On the occasion, Sani Redi, state minister of ministry of agriculture on behalf of Ethiopia and Liu Yu, counselor of Chinese embassy in Ethiopia have delivered powerful messages.

Finally, recognitions have been given for some Ethiopian and Chinese experts who contribute significantly during the preparation of those textbooks and in teaching DAs.