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Consultative meeting held at on integration of Universities' effort to transform agriculture Ministry

Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MoANRs), has called for the integration of efforts and working together to attain 345.6 million quintals' of yield production in the year 2010 on the Consultative meeting held at Adama on 9 August 2017 with Universities and other higher learning Institutions.

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The Adaptation for Food Security and Ecosystem Resilience in Africa (AFERIA) Project  Forum has been hold

The Adaptation for Food Security and Ecosystem Resilience in Africa (AFERIA) project forum has been hold in the presence of multi-stakeholders that aimed to disseminate science-based information and  transferring technologies to support climate change adaptation and enhance food security on 15 August 2017  in Addis Ababa. 

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Combating the outbreak of fall armyworm (TEMCH)

Last fiscal year, over 290 million quintal product was harvested over 13 million hectare all over the country. Off course, Nation's productivity is increasing year to year. Nonetheless, 22 million guys are still under poverty those couldn't secure their food security.

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China Expert Established a Small Base of Paddy Rice Experiment and Demonstration at WARC

Started from 22nd last December to 18th February this year, led work by Mr. Luo Xueyi, one Chinese expert on rice at China-Aid Technical Cooperation Program of Senior Agricultural Expert Group Dispatching to Ethiopia (CATCSAEGDE), supported greatly by

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