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Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research

The Ethiopian Agricultural Research is one of the oldest and largest agricultural research system in Africa.
የግብርና ምርምር ኢንስቲትዩት

It aspires to see improved livelihood of all Ethiopians engaged in agriculture, agro-pastoralism, and pastoralism through market-competitive agricultural technologies.

National Veterinary Institute

It was established in 1964 under the then the Ministry of Agriculture with the objective of producing different vaccines to protect animals from various infectious diseases.
ብሔራዊ የእንስሳት ጤና ኢንስቲትዩት

Committed to be the leader continentally and very competitive globally in the production of quality veterinary vaccines and drugs by the year 2025.

National Animal Genetic Improvement Institute

National Animal Genetic Improvement Institute is an Institute established by The Council of Ministers Regulation No. 422/2018 to make research on and oversee animal genetic improvement activities.
ብሔራዊ የእንሰሳት ዝርያ ማሻሻያ ኢንስቲትዩት

Ethiopian Agriculture Research Council

Fostering partnership and collaborative research to help the research system provide agricultural technologies and knowledge for a rapid and sustainable economic development
ግብርና ምርምር ካውንስል

Has a mission to attain a globally competent, world-class agricultural research system capable of contributing to the Ethiopia’s renaissance through transforming the country’s agriculture sector.

Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority

The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority is an institution formed under the mandate given by the Ethiopian Council of Ministers based on the declaration No.364/2008.
ቡናና ሻይ ልማት ባለስልጣን

The government believes industrial development in this sector will mean a significant transformation on the livelihood of its people throughout the value chain and the Nation’s economy at large. .

Veterinary Medicine and Feeding Authority

The Authority is established under proclamation number 728/2011 and council of ministers regulation number 272/2012 as an autonomous federal government organ having its own legal personality.
የእንስሳት መድኃኒትና መኖ አስተዳደርና ቁጥጥር ባለስልጣን


Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency

They create digital solutions to assist vast sections of rural communities as they lift themselves out of poverty.
ግብርና ትራንስፎርሜሽን ኤጀንሲ

The ATA is a strategy and delivery oriented government agency created to help accelerate the growth and transformation of Ethiopia’s agriculture sector.

Federal Cooperative Agency

ማሕበራትን ለማደራጀትና ለማጠናከር፣ አቅማቸውን ለመገንባት፣ የግብይት ድርሻቸውን ለማሳደግ እና ሕጋዊነታቸውንና ደህንነታቸውን ለማረጋገጥ የሚከተሉትን ተልዕኮ፣ ራዕይ እና እሴቶች ይዞ እየሰራ ያለ መንግሥታዊ ተቋም ነው፡፡
የፌዴራል ኅብረት ሥራ ኤጀንሲ

ራዕይ በ2017 ዓ.ም. የአባላትን ኑሮ ያሻሻሉና በሀገር ኢኮኖሚ ግንባታ ላይ የላቀ ሚና ያላቸው ኅብረት ሥራ ማኅበራት ተፈጥረው ማየት ነው፡፡

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